Sorry for being MIA! I wanted to pop on here quickly with a little sewing/cosplay tip: princess seams on commercial patterns. I feel like princess seams are set up strangely on commercial patterns (probably to accommodate multiple sizes on one pattern) so I wanted to share how I do them easily.

1. Lay your fabric pieces down flat with your side bodice on the bottom and bodice front nearest to you. Pin as usual. Don’t worry about that curve yet.

2. Clip into your bodice front every half inch or so within your seam allowance. (You should have stay-stitched your bodice front according to your pattern. Don’t clip through your stitches!).

3. Clipping your bodice front FIRST (as opposed to after basting, as some patterns say) will allow you to stretch your bodice front to line up with your side bodice. Pin in place.

4. Sew! Be careful not to let your material bunch up under the presser foot.

And that’s the (very quick!) way I do my princess seams when using a pattern!

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Workin’ on stuff…

Workin’ on stuff…

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mocking the cutscene right before a level where you keep dying because you’ve heard it so many times


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Awww yiss

Awww yiss

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Cats are very serious about video games.
"Pew! Pew! Pew!"


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relentless FFVI binge

Still the best cast there is

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The paper was so scratched I gave up trying to fix this. Happy anniversery nonetheless.


The paper was so scratched I gave up trying to fix this. Happy anniversery nonetheless.

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you really embarrassed me tonight at red lobster


you really embarrassed me tonight at red lobster

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Due to popular demand, I wrote a “tutorial” on how I styled my Elsa wig. Since I didn’t take any in-progress pictures, I will try to explain it the best I can. Warning: I spent over 40 hours on this wig. 

I posted a photoset of all of the reference photos I used to style this wig here. I advise looking at it while reading my tutorial for visual reference.

This is my second Elsa wig attempt. The first wig was great, but I tried to make my own hairline using this tutorial. That method doesn’t really work for Elsa. Lace front is really the way to go :D


  • I bought this wig and 2 packs of these wefts, both in Ash Blonde from Arda wigs. I cannot recommend Arda’s lace fronts more highly. They are extremely sturdy and full with wonderful, realistic fibers. They’re also pretty cheap! Most lace fronts are well over $100.
  • If you do get a lace front, watch this VERY IMPORTANT video on how to cut the lace properly and put in on. The wig I used had a widows peak that was more prominent than Elsa’s, so I cut a bit of it off. I also tied a couple of hairs onto the lace since more of them came off than I wanted. This process is called ventilating, and here’s a good video tutorial about it. 
  • I sewed 1 and 1/2 packs of wefts into the wig so that the braid would be extremely full. After all, Elsa’s braid takes up half of her shoulder. (I’m pretty sure just 1 pack would be fine though). These two tutorials explain how sew in wefts. I used bobby pins and hair ties to pull the hair back instead of hair clips.

Bang Swoopies:

  • I began by separating hair that would later create the bang-swoopies. This part took a VERY long time. Elsa’s hair all seems to come out of her widow’s peak. I had to mess with it a lot to separate the hairs properly while still making each swoopy look full. Luckily, the wig I used already had layers that were perfect for the bangs. 
  • I then strategically placed each swoopy in foam curlers, like in the image below, and use a hair dryer on high heat to heat the fibers. If you can see in the photo, I used pins to keep the curls i place.
  • IMPORTANT: The trick with synthetic hair is heat, then cool. You must keep the hair in place until it completely cools, otherwise it will not stay. The cool thing about this is that cold water will not take out styling, which makes washing wigs easy and safe. 
  • Do not try to curl it all at the same time. I repeated the foam curler method about 20 times until I felt like each swoopy was properly styled. If some of the curls were too big, I would brush them through and heat them without curlers.

  • In between curling stages, I cut the bangs to be the right size. I used my sewing shears, which is difficult because they tend to make hair super choppy. It takes a lot of careful cutting to layer hair properly with them.
  • Once I felt they were all curled properly, I sprayed them down with Got 2b Freeze Spray until they were stiff. Unfortunately, this made them look way too flat. I brushed it all out and instead misted the spray above the wig. If I had to spray a part directly, I would cover the rest of the wig with my hand and make sure to hold the bottle 2 feet from the wig. This made the hair stay, but still look natural. 
  • When I tried the wig on, the bang swoopies kept falling forward. I also still wasn’t satisfied with the volume of the bang swoopies. To solve this, I tacked each bang swoopy to the wig with blond-colored thread (I only tied one end of the thread like in hemming). For visual reference, here is a Roxy Lalonde tutorial I made using the same method.
  • I carefully took a few surface hairs out of the tacks to help hide them. People only noticed them if I pointed them out :D. I was also able to add more volume to the swoopies by pulling them out of the tacks a little. This made the swoopies stand up more. 


  • Once I felt the bangs were properly styled, I moved on to the braid. You can’t just braid it on a desk since the wig is so heavy and the mannequin head is so light. At first, I put the wig on my mom and braided it, but it didn’t turn out right because I was worried about taking too long. It also messed up a little when she took it off. I found that stuffing the mannequin head on one of the levers on my tripod helped keep the head in place. A broom would work for this as well. I tied the braid off with a tiny, blond-colored hair elastic.
  • I did a loose french braid. At first, it didn’t look so good because the added hair separated from the inner braid. I found a good fix, though! Instead of adding just a clump of hair, I would add a whole line (wig hair is sewn into the base in lines) so that there would be no gaps. I made sure to braid it to the left side of the wig since her braid is loose and drapes over her shoulder.
  • Because the braid was so thick from all of the wefts I had sewn in, it came out the minute I put on the wig. So I spent days gelling it down with Got 2b Ultra Glued Invisible Styling Gel. I first gelled the back and let it dry overnight before flipping it over to gel the front. This made the front stay much better. The gel made the braid rock solid, but still look natural. You can see in the last photo the finished, gelled braid. (The white flecks are glitter, not gel residue.)

Finishing Touches:

  • I used a little of the gel for stray hairs on the rest of the wig, but be warned: it is impossible to brush out and must be washed out (difficultly) with water. Use with caution on the hair swoopies. The only reason I was able to cake it on the braid was because it needed zero movability. The best way to get rid of stray hairs without screwing the wig up is to spray the hair spray on your fingers, rub them together, and lightly brush over the stray hairs. This will keep them in place without making them look wet. 
  • I got all of the snowflakes off of ebay. The big one is a wedding brooch, the 2 smaller ones are earrings, and the 4 smallest ones are nail art decorations. To stick them on, DO NOT USE GLUE. This is what ruined my first Elsa wig. I instead used Got 2b Ultra Glued Styling gel to “glue” them to the wig and let it dry overnight. They haven’t come off at all, and I’ve worn the wig many times. 
  • For a final touch, I sprinkled glitter all over the wig. You can actually see sparkles in her hair in the movie, so it’s accurate as well as eye-catching. 

Feel free to message me if anything doesn’t make sense :)

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Sometimes it’s hard not feeling like a worthless piece of garbage

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